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  • maryellen - fun??

    This game is my favorite to play, however I have been stuck forever in the 1st country and it continuously says that I can't access Tokyo, both the mayday and Amazon.com and their customer support have not been able to help after many many conversations with them, very frustrating, I have always been connected to FB but still lost all of my progress , I once had made it to several countries only to have all my progress be wiped out and now I'm starting from scratch for the 2nd time but it's not allowing me to continue

  • Christina Merrill - its working for me!!

    I've been taking this along with vitex and maca root.. I have pcos and today I started my period. First time I've had one on my own in years... Its tasteless and very easy to drink!! Would recommend this product!!

  • bookworm - Great Read

    This is the first book I've read by this author, missed the other two books in the series but was able to pick right up with no problems. This is Mark and Amanda's book and there chance at happiness. Mark the bass player of Brightside has started a side band because he wants to go back small vs the big times with the corporate game.

  • Momof20paws - Energy Greens

    Well..................This product definitely does what it says--provides energy. Not like speed or caffeine, but just an "Oh, I feel really good today" energy. The taste is "earthy". Duh---it's greens! I add it to my NutriBlasts in the morning. I've found the BEST way to use this is to put the powder in first, add the rest of your ingredients, including the water, then throw in the frig for about 20 minutes. That gives the powder time to dissolve somewhat. :) And I've found to never mix the powder with kale----way too strong for me. But spinach is fine. All in all I would definitely purchase this again.

  • Gryphon - Great for all occasions

    Top quality program, as you would expect from Hallmark. The Deluxe edition contains thousands of cards. We had been using the 2005 version and were very pleasantly surprised at how much the Card Studio program has improved.

  • Sequoia Shiatsu - My roommate is thinking to buy a second one of these brushes for her professional makeup kit

    I purchased this makeup brush for my roommate who is a makeup artist, so this review was written by her: