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  • Eric - Nothing But Frustration and Disappointment

    The best part of this game is seeing the few minutes of cinematics. No, seriously. Just save your money and watch the cinematics on YouTube.

  • Willow - Definitely recommend!

    Both my husband and I have long hair, and the TubShroom is really helping to keep our tub draining freely when we shower. We have to clean it out after two or three shampoos, but this is easy to do. It is so much better at catching hair than the various drain screens I have used in the past, and it also is much easier to clean than our previous hair catcher. I hesitated a little before ordering because I was concerned that the TubShroom might get moldy, but that hasn't happened at all in the two months we have been using it. I didn't want to call attention to the device, so I chose white to blend in with our white tub. Definitely recommend.

  • Erin - Nice little phone charger.

    Nice little phone charger! It's always hard to find anything with Apple's name on it at a decent price. This charger does the job at a good price

  • cleidouse - I would not recommend this for any use

    I received this product and ultimately my money was refunded, but this is a low quality camera with people obviously using a cheap translating tool to try and communicate. After hours of trying to get this to work, I had no success. I would not recommend this for any use.

  • Carolina Alexander - It was easy to put together and take apart

    Used this from about 3-9 months. My lil guy isn't having it anymore, but during that 6 month period it was a sanity saver. It was easy to put together and take apart. I just stored it in the box it came in and put it in the closet. Unless we end up needing to sell it for extra cash at some point, totally holding onto this for when we decide it's time for baby #2.

  • Redvette6906 - hard

    good delivery... hard book to understand... has comp program that makes it a bit easier to understand