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  • ATrueShopaholic! - All natural and ready to shed this weight!

    So far so good after my first 24hrs! I am taking them as directed 30mins prior to a meal 3x's a day with 8oz glass of water, and have noticed I'm full prior to finishing my meal. I'm also urinating more which will assist with water retention. The bottle even came with coupon for a free bottle! I sure hope this works! I should have started in January so I'd be ready for 90 days of Summer, but I guess I'll be ready for Fall! I will follow up in 60 days!

  • Sinnthia - Does the job

    I'm quite hairy, and this stuff didn't exactly smell like it was industrial strength, but I put it on, sat around for a while, and all the hair just washed away. Didn't start to have that burn that some hair removers do. Money well spent.

  • ASW1977 - Great game, fire and ice addition is silly.

    I don't know why they have to keep "improving" on classic games. The fire and ice make the game confusing. We play without the new and improved additions. It is still a fun game. The box is the square packaging that fits well in our storage space. It makes me want to replace a few of our older games because I like the new square boxes better.