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  • l.c.r. - If it sounds too good to be true...

    I applied this to my patio table in May, and followed the instructions exactly. No matter how carefully you apply it, tiny stripes show between brush strokes. I thought I could live with that. But over the summer, in spite of the fact that there was an umbrella over this table to shield it from direct sunlight, the heat caused this stuff to get spotty and uneven, eventually peeling in places. This product sounded too good to be true, and for me it was.

  • April White - Fuuuuuuun!!

    This game is super fun. I love that you can buy new dances with real money. There are a few songs on there like "Love Boat" that truly have no business being on there.

  • t.davis - Where have you been???

    I rarely post reviews but I just had to with this. I did only get it today but ever since I used it I've been wondering why I haven't know. About this years ago!! I suffer from chronic congestion to the point that the only thing that has ever temporarily helped was oral steroids. Netti pots worked temporarily until the affect of the steroids wore off and one of my nasal passages was almost closed off. The beauty of this machine is that it closes both nasal passages off so that the solution can't come back out of your nose instead of through the passages. And the "gentle suction" helps the flow of the solution even through tight spaces. My bottom container is always full of mucus!! I'd add a pic but o don't think everyone would appreciate that 😆. Love it!

  • Val Jansante - Great book with a vast wealth of information.

    This book will help us plan one way or another for a trip to Italy. It is detailed to the point we will know what we can or can't afford to do.

  • late to the game - early yet

    Our Blu Vivo was delivered a couple of days ago. Impressive specifications and a huge step up from the non-smartphones we are used to. We are using it on a T-mobile voice/text plan and will probably not exploit many of the features that ICS has up it sleeves. Not big on music, so can't confirm the issues mentioned in one of the other reviews.

  • LuckyMommie - GREAT liver cleanse

    My doctor recommended this liver cleanse. He personally swears by it. He takes it four times a year at every change of the season and says he rarely gets sick. A great liver detox with no side effect and no extra pooping like some might suspect. I have done one round and am getting ready to do another one. I feel much better just a couple days in.

  • Andrew White - The board is too rough because of the glow in ...

    The board is too rough because of the glow in the dark coating; the thing doesn't move across it. It's also bent. Buy the original if you want a Ouija board.