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  • Brian Sullinger - Not as bad as other reviews lead you to think

    I got the 2012 version and played it first before going back and getting the 2010 and Decades ones. I have always thought that 2012 FF was very well done and entertaining. I LOVE the host, Sparky Whitmore. That is one think lacking in the 2010 and Decades. The host is off screen and has ZERO personality. Part of the fun of FF is the funny interaction between host and guests.

  • judy uschold - ... problem & didn't make the bumps or redness any better. Seems very greasy

    It did not help him at all - didn't relieve the itching which was his main problem & didn't make the bumps or redness any better.

  • Not usually Disappointed - Beware of scams like this. They try to profit from your pain

    They quote studies but not too scientific and skewed to support their claims. Plexus is being investigated and challenged by the FDA because of its false claims and ponzi methods. Beware of scams like this. They try to profit from your pain.

  • Laura Jordan - This works if you want energy and appetite suppression

    I just went back on this today (used to use a lot in 2013/14, then I was pregnant, then breastfeeding so couldn't even have Red Bull), and I forgot how much this works in terms of tweaking you out, which I like. Yes, about the address comment, it's like that at first. I know after a few days though it won't be the same, but the first three days this kills appetite and makes it almost impossible to stay still. One a day is plenty, and do drink the water as said.

  • ELeigh - Two cats peeing no longer an issue

    We have two cats and with the birth of our second child they started to pee on the basement carpet - always in the same corner. We had them tested for a UTI and results came back negative. The vet said it was a behavior and we tried moving the litter boxes, tried new types of litter, nothing worked. We cleaned and cleaned and ended up ripping the carpet up and replacing. Before the new stuff went down we bleached and Kilzed the cement floor. New carpet was laid and they continued to do it - we knew then it was for sure a behavior. We were at our wits end and sick over the fact we had to get rid of our beloved cats. We decided to try the Diffusers and the collars as a last ditch effort. We have had these both in place for almost three months and replace them when we are required to do so (every 30 days). The replacement was getting spendy at the store and Amazon has the best price we could find. Since we implemented the diffusers and collars we have not smelled or noticed any pee on the carpet and our cats seem calmer and more relaxed and much happier!

  • DeanD - Makes it easy for the girlfriend to tell me when I find ...

    Does what it says and I've used it constantly while doing remodel work. Makes it easy for the girlfriend to tell me when I find the right breaker without dragging a lamp around the house. Also assists in finding miss wired outlets.

  • Angel Zero - Great Entry Level Dual Sport, One Glaring Downside

    I bought this bike back in late August 2013, had a car accident which led me to be unable to use it for a few months, but I'm getting back to biking and have hit 300 miles total with this back. It's my first good quality bike that I've had since I was 11, and I had a walmart bike which I promptly returned right after ordering this online from Bike Nashbar on a sale (totaled $360 at that time). I'm a programmer and know how to build computers, so I thought why not bikes as well? My purpose was at first for recreational, but then, the aspect of riding occasional simple trails coupled with usual road riding attracted me to have dual sport as my first real bike. Which comes down to features I was looking for, 1) gearing for the major climbs in my city, 2) disk brakes if I was going to ride in the rain, 3) suspension for the occasional trails, 4) not very heavy.