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  • Lisa F - Does Not work as Advertised

    I have a small area on my arm from poison ivy. As soon as I noticed it I used Zanfel as per the package directions. The itching went away for a few hours but then it returned. The bumps and redness never disappeared. I then used Zanfel a second time on the same area with the same results. I've used Zanfel 4 times on this same area in a 48 hour time period. All it does is reduce the itching for a few hours. I can get the same results with Benedryl topical for a much cheaper price. I will not buy this product again.

  • randi westphal - Very Little Writing About 'Travel'

    Disappointing. :-( I have read several of the previous editions of this book and loved them. But this one had very little 'travel' writing.

  • Eddie - Norton 360 for PCs and Macs

    I have used this product with my PC and have not had any viruses on any devices for about 10 years. I still have not been able to prevent my e-mails from being hacked on those units. I also have Macs. My e-mails there have also been hacked.

  • PAPASTAG - Not dealing with a wire is a plus and the shaver is light and easy to handle

    A much quicker, easier way to get a presentable shave when I'm in a hurry. Not dealing with a wire is a plus and the shaver is light and easy to handle. I wouldn't want to drop it, but it seems sturdy enough. The shave itself was nice and tight; obviously there are very few electric shavers that will get as close a shave as a decent razor blade, but considering that this only takes a few seconds and contains the whiskers I'd say it's a pretty good trade-off.

  • One of the Best and Most Influential Albums of the 90's - One of the Best and Most Influential Albums of the 90's

    Some might prefer the darker sound of Mezzanine and Protection's variations on a theme, but this is by far Massive Attack's best album. They sound like pale imitators of themselves on Protection and while almost anybody could have done Mezzanine, only Massive Attack could do Blue Lines. It has the best Massive Attack line-up: Shara Nelson, 3d, Tricky, Mushroom, Daddy G, and Horace Andy, under the leadership of Nellee Hooper, and every song is a masterpiece. My favorite tracks are the beguiling rap suites "Blue Lines", "Five Man Army", and "Daydreaming" and the beautiful final song "Hymn of the Big Wheel". It is the first time I had ever heard British rap, which is much more understated and positive than what we have in the U.S.