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  • K. Hicks - Awesome mousing surface, period

    I really couldn't be happier with a mouse surface/pad. If you are looking for a cloth surface, you don't need to look any further.

  • David - Worth Its Weight in Insights

    In comparing the trilogy of election books - "Collision 2012," "Double Down," and "The Center Holds," I found "Double Down" the most fascinating and filled with keen insider details. But Dan Balz's book is a keenly told and analytical accounting as well; students of presidential politics will find much to appreciate. A solid reporting job.

  • Edwin Santana - Could have been great if it actually worked!

    Its funny. The samplitude pro demo program that retails for $700+ works perfectly fine and is made by the same company. Music maker can barely run for 5 minutes without crashing! The program is so feature rich and I would love to use it as my main DAW but it is unreliable at best. My computer is a full xeon class workstation with 32gb ram and quadro graphics and dedicated sound. The program has no reason to crash and glitch and fail to load audio or recordings. Its like they purposely crippled music maker to push their higher end products. Do yourself a favor and don't waste money like I did on this junk program. It has potential but should have never been released in this buggy state. I've tried it on 3 other computers with the same results. It doesn't matter if its on windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or vista. The program will glitch and will crash especially after recording something great. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • Good Hearted Woman Without Her Good-Timing Man - Wonderful Product

    I have multiple medical conditions, including B-12 deficiency, poor absorption issues, and severe hypothyroidism. A few years ago, I began having "shooting pain" that felt like gasoline/electrical surges in my arms and legs. No matter what medications I took, nothing helped and the pain intensified. I was told that I was close to B-12 deficiency, yet all the supplements that I tried didn't work. Finally I found Jarrow Methyl B-12 after reading on line where it was a potential aid for my condition. Since then I have taken it religiously. I have reported to my doctor that without it, I believe my health would have rapidly worsened. The pain is gone and I feel 100% better now that I am taking Methyl B-12 from Jarrow. I don't know if it will help anyone else as much as it has improved my health. I would recommend discussing it with your doctor or health care provider if you believe that you may be lacking or close to lacking in B-12. I love this product. For me, it has been a life-enhancer without equal. Thank you.

  • carolyn j. walker - Dr. Denese fan

    I am a Dr. Denese avid user and love these facial pads for day time. I can see the difference in the glow of my skin when I am out of them.

  • Ariana - Love These Shoes. 90s Throwback?

    Cute walking shoes that are easy to slip on and work great for when I weight lift at the gym. Unfortunately, I have to return them the first time because they are a half a size too small. Definately recommend ordering half a size larger. I usually wear Nikes in a 8.5 and ended up getting a 9 in these.