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  • Dexter - Finally, a product that can legally activate! : )

    The product arrived very quickly and installed right the first time with automatic activation, so I know it's a legal copy!!!! Before I bought this, I bought the same product from 2 others vendors on Amazon...both were bootleg versions that Microsoft Activation Center could not activate. This is the most expensive of the 3, but it's the only copy that was not pirated, so money well spent.

  • Ironman - Kids loved it!

    Bought this game for my kids. They used to be into Mario games. Since they got this game it is the only game they play. They have played this game longer than they have played others.

  • David - Worth every dollar.

    I'm a CPA in public practice. I prepare tax returns and field questions. The CPAs I office with have copies of the book throughout their firm. When I asked questions or when they were asked questions by colleagues, JKL was one of first sources referenced. My tax library is used for the complex questions; JKL, for the simple issues. Frequently clients ask questions which would take pages of e-mail text to answer. I copy the relevant pages in JKL, scan, and send the answer. My "research" starts with the table of contents - in a few pages I know the chapter where the topic is discussed. The index is very well done. JKL is a great resource.

  • Giannis - Good antivirus program

    Norton Antivirus is fast and effective. I have never had a virus infection when running the product, but I have been cautious myself anyway. I like the interface and the few extra tools it provides on the "performance" tab: running processes & file insight; download insight that informs both about safety and stability of each file; disk optimizer that runs after any program installation; PC utilization and information charts.

  • Nadya - Excel 2010: the missing manual

    Great book. Helped me learn Excel much more in depth. Using Excel often at work this book really helped understanding the program and made the switch to newer version painless.

  • Adri - Good Product- would like to know if it's from Fair Trade

    I'm very happy with this shea butter. It's hard to find shea butter that's pure and high quality. I I have very dry skin, and no matter what I use, still dry. I've had very good luck with the shea butter, and my skin stay moisturized longer. As soon as I applied the shea butter it was crumbly and did not melt quickly; so I knew that this was good stuff!

  • J. C. Coates - Pfffft

    It's Quickbooks. It's a rip off. Need 'new' software every three years or they cut you off from your bank's online access. Oh, and now they've added 'scratch off' to uncover the hidden serial numbers and product codes. Guess what happens if you damage the printing when scratching off the codes? Ya, you're up a creek.