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  • http://zodiacbeauty.tumblr.com/post/146055042626/i-am-very-very-high-maintenance-when-it-comes-to Zodiac Beauty - i am very, very high maintenance when it comes to mascara’s. i never leave the house without wearing at least two different mascaras, sometimes even four (i know, i know). however, i almost never...
  • http://zodiacbeauty.tumblr.com/post/145068565151/brows-for-days Zodiac Beauty - BROWS FOR DAYS Today I will be talking about my favourite brow products! I practically have no brows, I have naturally blonde hair on my brows, so maintenance to make me look human is a necessary...

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  • Newmom2011 - Hoping to see more results soon...

    I am overly stressed and anxious lately. The last year has been really rough due to many, many things and it's all just starting to boil over. I decided to try CALM NOW to see if I could manage my stress and anxiety a little better. I've also been trying to be more aware or triggers and help reduce them in my life as well.

  • Mangolady - *****Magic in a bottle!!!!*****

    AMAZING!!! I found "The One"!! This product is totally amazing. I have 4c hair which can be dry looking at times even when it is thoroughly moisturized. I dabbed a little on my finger tips and started 2strand twisting my hair. My hair was so soft, smooth and shiny without the greasy feeling. I can't wait to try the other products.

  • Lynn B. - The whole Family loves Sleepytime tea.

    Everyone in our family drinks this tea. My teenage daughters drink a cup at night. I always add a bag or two to my ice-tea blend, when I make ice-tea in the summer. A little honey with it is great.

  • Theresa - Keep with it, it eventually works

    I've had laser hair removal before (obviously I didn't complete the treatments) but wanted a less expensive way to obtaining similar results. I bought this instead of the Tria system 

  • Bontro - Works great. Bontro Approved.

    I have had this product now for two months. I had some issues with the way the package arrived from the seller.--the box and its contents were a mess--the way that you would expect an item to look if someone returned it and didn't care with how things went back in the box. Besides these issues, the product itself works great on my BOB Revolution Flex. It attaches and removes easily (important since you have to take this adapter off to fold the stroller).

  • Michelle S. - After I updated the squad, the game kept on ...

    After I updated the squad, the game kept on freezing either during gameplay, training, team management and every other screen. Deleted the game from the ps3 to try and fix solution and it kept on freezing as well.

  • Jquan - but more's the point I felt great. I'm about to embark on round 2

    Lost 15 pounds the first time I religiously followed the program, but more's the point I felt great. I'm about to embark on round 2, 18 months later. Don't kid yourself, this ain't easy. Be certain the vendor you're ordering from (my understating is the manufacturer only sells to health care professionals) includes the following at a minimum: 2 jars of protein powder, 2 bottles of fiber, one bottle of green food, and one bottle of cleanse, as well as the book. Your call whether the colorful full booklet is important to you, or you're happy with the download version. If you're faithful to the program your friends and family will be the next to order because they'll notice the results.