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  • shoelover - For the Penguins' fan

    Bought this for my mom. She is a voracious Penguins fan in Sabre country so she has a hard time getting news on her team. She is thrilled to have this DVD and has watched it repeatedly.

  • Milkykasasara - Choose the great online business stream for passive income

    You can now start making money with your laptop, connecting it with internet. You do need need specialized training or invest a lot of money to get started. What you need to get started is identifying the ideas and making the ideas work for earning money. This book enriched with strategies and tips will guide you to the right way you desire. It will help you to make your concept clear about the different business streams so that you can choose the best fit based on your skills.

  • Peter Wellauer - very red and super sensitive now

    I made the mistake of peeling off skin and sanding it with an Emory board and ouch!! .very red and super sensitive now....needs to heal...had corns on both pinky toes, one looks gone and one still is in need of couple more treatments but def needs a break...will not do that again and will soak and let them come off naturally...like most commented they did...