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  • Kindle Customer - I sold the B-Agile and bought a 2012 City Mini

    I really wanted to love this stroller. I did tons of research and chose it over the Baby Jogger City Mini because of a number of factors. But after having it for 5 months, I was so disgusted with it that I sold it on Craigslist and bought a 2012 City Mini. I am astounded by all the positive reviews and thought I'd add my own.

  • Shannon Ealy - Works as advertised

    Bought this cooler for industrial applications at work. We used it to cool down chemical compounds for titration purposes. The advertisement says it will take a room temp soda down to 40-50 degrees in a minute. Well, it does better than that! It takes our 6 oz. sample from about 120-150 degrees to 38 degrees in a minute! I don't think you should use chipped ice in it, because it tends to clog the pump. It does "sweat" out the bottom, but we are constantly using it 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. Been going strong for approx. 3 months now. For the homeowner/wine connoissuer this is a blessing to chill your wines, beer, sodas, or any other beverage of choice.

  • J Leolani Kirkendall - It's pretty awesome for the price

    The keyboard is very nice. I really like the keys and the RGB modes for only $70. The only thing I don't like about it is that it does not have a braided cord, and there are no additional ports (which I didn't expect there to be for the price).

  • Colorado Rick - I couldn't rate it zero...

    This software didn't work. I got a very nasty virus about 24 hours after I installed the software. (It's a ransomware virus from the Dept. of Justice.) After searching the web for solutions, I contacted Bitdefender's customer support (this was very early last Sunday morning). They acted like they never heard of this virus, even though there are tons of posts in forums on the web (albeit an earlier incarnation of the virus). He tried to tell me it was my fault, because I must have not uninstalled all files of a different antivirus program, which left a "hole." Then he told me it was my fault for relying on Windows firewall - he said I should have bought the Bitdefender firewall program. He did say he understood it was a very serious problem (I couldn't use my computer, or even boot in Safe Mode - this thing loads up very early in the boot sequence.) He said they would get back to me as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours. That was Sunday AM - it's now Thursday and no response. If I could get a refund from them on this, I would. BTW, I found an answer on one of the forums. I went to the Kaspersky site with a clean computer, and downloaded a boot disk from them. It cleaned the PC.

  • C. T. Geoghegan - Stock Trader Almanac was a disappointment

    The stock Trader almanac for me has been disappointment compare to the commodity Almanac which I loved and wish it was still published.

  • mdrago83 - This product arrived surprisingly fast. After I got home ...

    This product arrived surprisingly fast. After I got home from work I had had a tension headache so I open up the bottle take a couple drops in my fingers, rub into the back of my neck and head, and continue reading the product info. After reading a couple of lines I notice the relaxing sensation melting from the point I applied the oil and outward. It was immediate and drastic tension relief!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Album

    This is one of Heart's best albums, besides Dreamboat Annie. Very easy to download and play on all my devices.