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  • Gloria L. - John Hiatt CD and Music

    If John Hiatt records it, I buy it. He has never disappointed me, ever. His poetry put to music deserved radio play.

  • Riley - I really love this case

    I really love this case... BUT, it got dirty so fast and nothing will clean it. I can't use it anymore because it's so gross. I got so many compliments on this case, and several of my friends went out and bought one, this phone case sells itself. I wish I could still use it, but it's honestly embarrassing how dirty it is -- just from every day use. If you're going to buy this case, go with the black. I wish I would have.

  • Marti J. Miller - I had to try this to believe it & am so glad it did.

    Opening this package gave such a wonderful presentation & feeling of being pampered. The box was filled with 8 smaller boxes containing individual treatments & everything needed for some moments of gentle hair massage & a cap to use as you take your time to relax & let the product work its magic.

  • faolin - also effective taken as a pill

    My primary care couldn't find a source for my macrocytic anemia, and I did some research that brought me to methyl B12. I started taking the Jarrow formula an hour before breakfast every day, to maximize absorption on an empty stomach. Six weeks later, my bloodwork was NORMAL for the first time in years. I'm less irritable and have noticeably more energy. As a bonus, I was rarely sick this winter, and when I was it was a very mild version of whatever was circulating.

  • michael jenning - A Conversion to Lucas Products

    When my 17-year-old Mercury began having power steering issues, I expected a huge repair bill. I am a 70-year-old Non-Car Guy, mechanically inept and suspicious of virtually every "additive." But a friend at the Peterson Automotive Museum in L.A. told me that Real-Car-Guys swear by Lucas products, so I tried two bottles of Power Steering Stop Leak, and lo, I no longer seem to have power steering issues. I'm amazed. It really works!